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~  George Copeland Ault (1891-1948)  ~

       Although many writers have grouped George Ault with the Precisionist, his personal statements disavow any affection for Industrialism or the Modern American Aesthetic. In 1937





From Brooklyn Heights (1925)


The Hunter's Return (1943)


Brook in the Mountains (1945)







Hudson Street (1932)

Urban Transportation

Greenwich Village Rooftops(1931)






Village Roofs (1937)


Desert Landscape (1941) 


The Stairway (1921)







Where the Road Turns (1939)


Nude and Torso (1945)


Straw Flowers and Bittersweet (1931)






Old House, New Moon (1943)


Landscape with Buildings and Leafless (1932)






The Rick's Barn, Woodstock (1940)


The Cable Station (1944)






Brooklyn Ice House (1926)


January Full Moon (1941)






Studio Interior (1938)


The Artist at Work (1946)






Bright Light at Russell's Corners (1946)


Daylight at Russellís Corners (1944)




Black Night: Russell's Corners (1943)




Festus Yayple and His Oxen (1946)