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~  Otto Dix - (1891-1969) ~

         Otto Dix transitioned from Expressionism to Post-Expressionism soon after World War I. His oeuvre is perhaps the most extensive and diverse of all Weimar era artists. Manifestations of Magic Realism can be seen in a number of his paintings from the mid 1920s, mainly in his portraits. Dix commented that he did not feel that an artist could be truly objective, and his approach to portraiture illustrates Roh's comments about an artist painting "from the inside out".

         Most of Dix's portraits were not commissioned. He sought out what he felt were interesting subjects for his paintings and invested each with unique attributes, not always flattering. Dix enjoyed some notoriety  for his penchant of making penetrating portraits, often  creating stereotypes rather than sympathetic portrayals. His Verist style is sometimes mistakenly described as Expressionist, but would more appropriately be labeled anti-expressionist (he was outraged about the superficiality of the younger generation of Expressionists).

         Franz Roh had a deep fondness for the art of Otto Dix and felt that he was in the leading artist in the Post World War I period, not only in Germany but in all of Europe. Only a portion of Dix's oeuvre however fits Roh's definition of Magic Realism, mostly the portraits painted in the mid 1920s.





Portrait of the Art Historian Dr Paul Ferdinand Schmidt (1921)


Dr Hans Koch (1921)


Two Children (1921)







Portrait of Johanna Ey (1924)


Dr. Mayer Hermann (1926)


Portrait of Art Dealer Alfred Flechtheim (1926)







Sylvia Von Harden (1926)


Familie Rechtsanwalt Dr Fritz Glaser (1925)


Self-Portrait 1926







Painter Hans Theo Richter and His Wife Gisela (1933)


Portrait of the Dancer Tamara Danischewski with Iris (1933)


Singer Elisabeth Stuentzner (1932)






Portrait of the Photographer Hugo Erfurth with a Lens (1925)


Hugo Erfurth with Dog (1926)






The Actor Heinrich George (1933)


Self-Portrait with Muse (1924) 




Reclining Woman on Leopard Skin (1927)