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~  Franz Radziwill ~

          Beckmann transitioned from Expressionism to Post-Expressionism when he moved to Dangast on the North Sea. in 1923. He studied Mixed Tempera Techniques with Otto Dix in Dresden from 1925 to 1928. His landscapes are known for their exquisite detail and strange atmosphere. They were influenced by the German Romantics, particularly Caspar David Friedrick. Radziwill said "Reality represents the greatest miracle imaginable."





Stilleben mit einer Blechdose auf Tischecke (1925)


Self Portrait with White Cap (1924)


Grosses Stilleben mit rotem Tuch  (1952)





Der Wasserturm in Bremen (1932)               


 Zwei Frauen auf dem Balkon (1923)





Hinterhauser in Dresden (1931)


Kirche in Zetel (1930) 





Floodgate near Petershoern (1927)


Alter Friedhof vor der Werft (1954) 





Harbour with the Cap Popilonia and a Sailor in Yellow (1921)


Bremenhaven (c1935) 






Deutschland (1944)


Conversation about a Paragraph (1929) 




The Red Plane (1932)