Monograffi Fine Arts

       Realism today is taking center stage again in the world of art. Whether as traditional Realism, or in one of its derivative forms of Magic Realism, Fantastic Realism or Contemporary Realism, we are enchanted by its spells and compelling messages.

       Interest in Realism has ebbed and flowed over the centuries, ever since Jan van Eyck developed the layering technique that combined egg tempera with oil glazes, enabling artists to render precise detail with improved tonality. Illusionism, which was the pre-Modern ancestor of Realism, set high-water marks when new generations of artists refocused on precise imagery. Witness the great Caravaggio and his successors, the works of David and Ingres, or the highly finished art of the Victorian era Classicists or the academic Orientalism of the 19th Century. In contemporary terms, Realism has numerous new facets, many of which we will explore herein.

       Monograffi Fine Arts present selections from the works of 20th and 21st Century artists engaged with challenges of using Realism as a vehicle of artistic expression, and relates their work to the traditions of Realism. .

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