Monograffi Fine Art Galleries


~ Critical Studies ~

Magic Realism - The Essence of Magic Realism  (new article)

Magic Realism - The Magic Realism Time Capsule

High Realism - Canada's Realism Redefined

Metarealism - Art descending from Giorgio de Chirico

~ Artist Portals ~

Heiner Altmeppen - German landscape artist in the tradition of Werner Tbke.

D.P. Brown  - Canadian master working in Silverpoint and with Egg Tempera.

Rob Evans  - Contemporary American artist and Magic Realist.

Manfred Juergens - German artist working with the Mische Technique.

Boris Koller - Austrian Composer and  Landscape Painter.

Brigid Marlin - Founder of the Inscape Group and the Society for Art of Imagination.

Sir Peter Siddell - New Zealand's Magic Realist and landscape painter.

Grahame Sydney - The Landscapes of Central Otago, South Island, New Zealand.

Raghu Vyas - The Krishna Series of this New Delhi based Indian artist.

~ Photography ~

IR Photography - The Art of Infrared Photography.

Mario Cravo Neto - Brazilian Photographer

Sir Simon Marsden - Infrared Photography

A New Day - Editor's Gallery

The Return - New Digital Images