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~  Paul Cadmus  (1904-1999)  ~
       Paul Cadmus was a close friend of both Jared French and George Tooker, sharing with them the interest in early Renaissance painting and the egg tempera techniques. Most of paintings by Cadmus have apparent elements of social commentary. At the same time they have less of an aire of mystery or the uncanny. Although Cadmus is often referred to as a Magic Realist, his works usually meet the stylistic criteria of Magic Realism but often less so in terms of sensibilities. 




Playground (1948)

 Apple Peeler (1959)

Night in Bologna (1957-58)



Arabesque (1941)


Artist and Model (1973)




Manikins (1951 )


Self Portrait, Mallorca (c 1930)




Gilding the Acrobats (1935)


Finistere (1952)