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~  Felice Casorati (1883-1963)  ~

       Felice Casorati was an Italian painter and sculptor. Early influences on his work included Gustav Klimt and Symbolist art. He also admired the early Renaissance Masters, especially Piero della Francesca. He often worked in tempera. In the 1920s his style shifted to more flattened and unusual perspectives with a restricted palette, and his paintings during this decade have sometimes be connected to the Metaphysical School. 


Portrait of Casella (1926)


Dreaming of Pomegranates (1912-13)


 Raja (1925)




Girl on a Red Carpet (1912) 


 Portrait of Silvana Cenni (1922) 


 Beethoven (1928)




La famiglia Consolaro Girelli (1916)


 La Mujer la Armadura (1921)