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~  Danish Golden Age ~
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View of a Harbour
by C.W. Eckersberg (1815-16)


 A Pergola
by C.W. Eckersberg (1813-16)


  Asow, a Russian Ship, Riding at Anchor at Elsinore
by C.W. Eckersberg (1828)







 The View of the Plaster Cast Collection at Charlottenborg Palace, by Christen Købke (1830)


Landscape at Lake Geneva
by Jens Juel (c1779)


One of the Small Towers on Frederiksborg Castle
by Christen Koebke (c1834-5)






In the Gardens of the Villa Albani
by C.W. Eckersberg (1813-16)


Schloß Frederiksborg im Abendlicht
by Christen Købke (1835)




Autumn Landscape - Hankehøj near Vallekilde 
by Johan Thomas Lundbye (1847)


Landscape from Zealand
by Johan Thomas Lundbye (1842)