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~  Magic Realism - Naive Art  ~

        The inclusion of naive or primitive elements was one of the important paths along which Post-Expressionism  developed and in many cases created a magical mood in a painting. For German artists of the post World War I period the art of Henri Rousseau served as inspiration. Naive and primitive styles were widely seen in Weimar Germany during the 1920s, with significant groups in Munich and Hanover. In naive art details are often sharply delineated throughout the painting. Figuration may often appear to be stylized rather than accurately rendered. Modeling and tonality may be lacking or absent. It should be emphasized that Magic Realism and Naive Art are two distinct types of art per se, but during the interwar period there was some commonality between the two.

        In 1924 Franz Roh wrote an article about the Henri Rousseau's painting Sleeping Gypsy. This painting served as the frontispeice for Roh's 1925 book on Magic Realism. Roh actually detailed seven different currents as being related to  Magic Realism, Naive art being one of them.





Small Town by Day - The Butcher (1922-23) by Georg Scholz


Mutter und Kind Im Hof (1919)
by Georg Schrimpf


Kleinstadt bei Nacht (1922-23)
by Georg







Oskar Maria Graf (1927)
by Georg Schrimpf


Das rote Pferd (1932)
Ewald Schönberg


Die Blinde / The Blind (1918)
by Niklaus Stoecklin







Krankes Mädchen (1926)
by Grethe Juergens


 Kind mit Pferd (1925)
Eberhard Viegener

  Strasse nach Waiblingen (1933)
by Volker Böhringer




Der Akrobat (1920)
by Heinrich Maria Daveringhausen


Ernstli mit Apfel auf der Ofenbank (1925)
Adolf Dietrich


Balinese Legend (1928)
by Walter Spies




Akt in Landschaft (1924)


Goettliche Kueste - Positano (c1924)






Before Entering the Ring (c1930)
by Camille Bombois


Le Repos des Gens du Cirque (c1930)
Camille Bombois






Junge mit Seifenblasen (1923)
Heinrich Maria Daveringhausen


Rheingasse (1917)
by Niklaus Stoecklin




Frühlingsgarten (1926) by Adolf Dietrich


The sinking of the Rheinfallr (1935)
by Adolf Dietrich




Fischerboote an der Mole (1931) by Erich Wegner

Leuchturm (1928) by Erich Wegner



Trödelladen (Junk-Shop) (1926) by Ernst Thoms


Schwedische Schaerenwerft (1930 ) by Ernst Thoms




Death on the Ridge Road (1935) by Grant Wood


Train (1926) by Ernst Thoms





Festus Yayple and His Oxen (1946) by George Ault