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~  Nordic Landscapes  ~
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Duck Hunting in Autumn Morning at Konigssee near Salzburg 
by Thomas Fearnley (1835) 


 Coastal Landscape by Moonlight
by Knud Baade (1851)


 Landscape at Lake Geneva
by Jens Juel (c1779)




A Norwegian Fjord by Moonlight
by Knud Andreassen Baade (1855)


 View from the Kattegat
by Berndt Lindholm (1890) 


by Thomas Fearnley (1835)




Winter at the Sognefjord by J.C. Dahl (1827)


View from Hjelle in Valdres by J.C. Dahl (1851)




Megalith Grave in Winter
by J.C. Dahl (1824)


Landscape with Torreents by J.C. Dahl (1819)




The Old Birch Tree at Slinde
by Thomas Fearnley (1839)


Mount Jordalsnuten in the Region of Sogn
by Thomas Fearnley (1839)




Vadstena Castle on Lake Vättern
by Thomas Fearnley (1833)


Labro Falls near Kongsberg by Thomas Fearnley




Norwegian Mountains by Hans Gude (1857)


Under the Oak Tree by Hans Gude (1858)




Forest Tarn in Lower Telemark
by Herman August Cappelen (1852)


Dying Forest
by Herman August Cappelen (1852)




Skogtjern (Forest Lake) by Lars Hertervig (1865)


Inner Fjord II by Lars Hertervig (1866)




The Sandvik Fjord by Hans Gude (1879)


View from Borgorya by Lars Hertervig (1867)




Dramatic river landscape with figures and mills
by Marcus Larson (1854)


Waterfall in Småland by Marcus Larson (1856)




Ocean at Night with Burning Ship by Marcus Larson


Fishing Near The Fjord By Moonlight
by Marcus Larson (1852)




Storm on Lake Nasijarvi by Walter Holmberg (1860)


Swedish Landscape, a View from Kolmarden
by Alfred Wahlberg (1866)




Coastal landscape with Menhir and Wreck
by Erik Bodom (1878)

  Landscape in the Region of Telemark by Joachim Frich (1852)  



Shipwreck on the Coast of Norway by J.C. Dahl (1832)




View of Reine on the Island of Lofoten by Otto Sinding (1883)




Norwegian Mountains at Sunrise by Hans Gude (1854)